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Stop The Pain With Evidence-Based Chiropractic

Evidence-Based Chiropractic uses proven research and science treatment options to care for your diagnoses of muscle, nerve, soft-tissue and joint conditions. It is our goal to  empower you to take back control of your pain, health, and life. 

Our Evidence-Based Chiropractic Expertise

Chiropractic Pain Management
Pain Management

Evidence-Based Chiropractic Pain Management

Dealing with old or recent injuries? Firstly, evidence based chiropractors examine you for a legitimate medical diagnoses that is causing your pain. Then, we use the best research and science backed treatment services for this diagnose to alleviate your pain. Furthermore, we accept most insurances and have cash prices!

Personal Injury & Auto Accidents

Have you been in an motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or any other personal injury accident? NH partners with top Lawyers and Pain Management Medical Doctors to get you the injury recovery you need.

Wellness Adjustments

Not in pain, but looking to maximize your health? Evidence through the years has shown that traditional hands on chiropractic adjustments maintains your optimum health. Hands on adjustments used by itself for people who are not in pain or out of pain is important for spinal health and hygiene.

Rehab and Functional training

Looking for exercises to help with pain, wellness, physical therapy, rehab, or improve at your favorite sport? You will find a class for you.

Evidence-Based Chiropractic Services

Evidence-Based Chiropractic Exam

Before treatment, we will perform a history, exam, and a scientific review of your diagnoses. For instance, your exam would be a combination of what a Neurologist and an Orthopedist would do. Hence, you will receive a diagnosis that will match up with your other medical professionals.

Research Based Focused Care

We pride ourselves on being your premier providers for scientific conservative treatments to relieve nerve, muscle, and skeletal pain. Therefore, it is our goal to be your first line of treatment. Also, we want to help you live a healthy, active, and pain-free life.

Science Backed Treatment Options

You can look at NH as your one-stop clinic for evidence based conservative treatment options. Whether it be, acute pain, chronic pain, rehabilitation, personal injury, wellness, functional fitness and so much more. As a result, we have you covered.

Personal Treatment

At NH Chiropractic, we are patient-centered, evidence-based, result-focused, therefore providing the utmost compassionate care.

What Do Patients Think Evidence-Based Chiropractic?

"I have seen multiple chiropractors the past 3-4 years related to neck pain but Dr. Vinh Nguyen takes the cake. During the history and initial examination, he is very thorough and tries to obtain as much information as he can in order to find the best treatment plan for me. He is very honest and forthcoming. If you’re hesitant about seeing a chiropractor or had a bad experience in the past with a chiropractor, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Vinh Nguyen."
Patient Matt
Matthew R. Austin
"I will always remember Dr. Hendrix for the perfect first-time adjustment he was able to give to me. I was in so much pain & needed God to provide me with someone that had that “gift” in their hands, and Dr. Hendrix does. Dr. Hendrix has the “gift” in his hands & calming, assured spirit needed for people, like myself, that come to him in pain..hope to stay in touch and thank you ever so much for being here in the place where God placed you when I needed you there."
Patient Dora
Dora Stevenson
"Before I started sessions with Dr. Nguyen I was experiencing all kinds of pain. Neck, jaw, shoulders, back, even ankles from a fall I took about a year ago. Headaches too! Every session was immediate relief. Paired with the exercises and stretches he suggests, I’m now only visiting him as needed for adjustments. It’s incredible! All the medicines I’ve tried and ointments. If you’re feeling bad, you owe it to yourself to get feeling well again. Go see him!! You’ll be so glad you did."
Patient Jennifer
Jennifer Prater
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