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The Right Chiropractor Part 1

     Have you ever scheduled a visit with a chiropractor and not been entirely sure what types of treatments you will receive?

     The options can be overwhelming and with all these differences, how do you find the office that is the best fit to help your needs?…….

Picking a chiropractor
Picking a chiropractor

Finding The Best Chiropractor Part 2

Last week we listed out the services commonly offered in Chiropractic offices. You can find this blog here.

Now let us use that blog to discuss the different types of offices………

What is all is this “noise” about chiropractic adjustments?

Many of our new patients look at chiropractors on YouTube before coming in and are intrigued by the rice “crispy” (snaps, crackles and pops) they hear. We are here to tell you what is going on with spinal mobilization (CMT/SMT) and most importantly, give you the research as to why and how it can potentially play an important part of your health……….

Chiropractic Pun

What a pain in the neck!

With neck pain the first thing to consider is the fact that your head is basically a bowling bowl, weighing about 10-12lbs. The important job of balancing this enormous weight falls to the neck bones, which have to distribute the forces evenly. It has been cited that for every inch the head is held forward in poor posture, an additional 10 pounds of weight is felt on the cervical spine. That means if your head moves 2 inches forward it would triple the normal forces on your cervical spine by making it balance 30lbs… Woah, let that sink in for a moment and think about putting a 25lb weight on your neck……….

Neck Anatomy