Chiropractic Personal & Auto Accident

Chiropractic personal and auto accident can help with  car wrecks, slips or falls, workers comp accidents, or any other personal injury accidents.

Have you had a Personal or Auto Accident?

NH partners  with top Lawyers and Pain Management Medical Doctors and we combine those services with  chiropractic personal and auto accident care to get you the recovery you need. Personal and auto accidents typically cause patients to need pain management and aid through a complete recovery process  due to trauma to the human body from these types of injuries. Furthermore, your portal of entry into our office may be different, but the treatment options at your disposal and your customer service will not change.

Common Accident Conditions We Treat

  • Sprain and Strains: Whiplash, Spine, Shoulder, and Extremities
  • Disc Injuries
  • Spine Facet Joint Sprains
  • Headaches
  • And much more!

Common Accident Conditions We Treat

How to Begin Personal and Auto Accident Care

All patients have to go through a proper medical exam before starting care

  • New patient exam similar to an orthopedic and neurologic exam
  • Thorough Review of Medical Diagnoses
  • Thorough Review of treatment options
  • Immediate treatment first visit *doctor will need to decide if care is approved
  • Clear instructions on how to continue your unique, individual treatment plan

How We Progress Your Accident Care

When  accidents  happen, you need people in your corner who are concerned about your wellbeing first. It would be our pleasure if you chose our Chiropractic personal and auto accident care to help you during this tough time in your life. Moreover, NH prides itself on aiding you through this time of healing.