Staying Active and Pain Free

NH understands staying out of pain is as important as treating pain. Getting routine care plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. This service provides patients an efficient and effective appointment to receive adjustments to maintain spinal health.

Wellness means staying out in front of your pain. This has the widest variability from patient to patient due to the uniqueness of what caused your dysfunction, how your bodies’ tolerance to that dysfunction presented as pain, and what you are willing to do to prevent future pain from coming back. Your treatment in a perfect world would look like functional fitness, to keep dysfunctional movement patterns away, adjustments to maintain spinal mobility, and at home exercises. This section is focused on adjustments for wellness

A new model for chiropractic wellness

Whether you need routine care or to see us every 3 months we have an option for you

Up to 4 wellness visits a month $120

Complete wellness programs combine our small group packages and our wellness adjustment packages together. You can visit our small group and exercise page here for more details

Complete Wellness Memberships

Whether you need routine care or to see us every 3 months we have an option for you

$315: Includes up to 3 adult basic training small group classes  and one wellness chiropractic adjustment a week

$350: Includes up to 3 adult performance training small group classes  and one full chiropractic visit (including adjustment, and any modalities or manual muscle work needed) a week  

Typical First Visit

All patients have to go through a proper medical exam before starting care

  • New patient exam similar to an orthopedic and neurologic exam
  • Thorough Review of Medical Diagnoses
  • Thorough Review of treatment options
  • Immediate treatment first visit *doctor will need to decide if care is approved
  • Clear instructions on how to continue your unique, individual treatment plan

Helping You Go Even Further

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